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Barbers: Pappy's Barber Shop San Diego

(619)-885-2887 · Appointments Only.
Open 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. Every Day · Barber Owned and Operated.



(619) 885-CUTS (2887)

Where did you grow up: San Diego, California

Where did you go to Barber School: Pappy’s School of Hard Knocks- AKA Pappy’s Apprentice

Favorite movie of all time: Sandlot and That Thing You Do!

Bucket list place to visit: Every Major League Baseball stadium

Favorite haircut: Parted Pompadour

Favorite beer: A&W, heavy on the root

Most influential person or thing in your life: My Parents

Did you know that: I’m named after the coolest ballplayer ever, Lou Gehrig.